Once again hosted at the Newtown Youth Academy, Team Challenge 2024 promises our signature high-level competition, expert hospitality, and warm, friendly atmosphere.  We look forward to having you!!



We are now accepting registration for Team Challenge 2024

February 2-4, 2024

Entry Fees:  

Xcel Bronze, Level 2:  $155 per athlete

Xcel Silver and Up, Level 3-10:  $175 per athlete

Remember — no gate fees! Free admission for all spectators!

Important Information for our guests:


You are in for a treat!  As many know, we partner each year with Special Olympics Connecticut, and help with fundraising for this worthy cause!  This year, we will be joined by some of the Team CT Athletes! Help us keep their dreams alive – you can make a donation here.


Parking can be difficult. We HIGHLY recommend using the Athlete Drop Off area, and then moving your car to a parking spot. Check the map for the best places to park!

A notice to all guests from the Newtown Youth Academy

Printed Rotation Sheets will not be available at the meet, but you will be able to access them via a QR code onsite.

Watch this space for parking information, maps, etc in the coming weeks!

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