Over the years, we’ve done it all – and Gymnastics Revolution continues to grow!

Just a few of our past events…

National Pushup Challenge
Kids' Night Out
Black Friday Gymnastics
Running Form & Speed Clinic
Regional TOPs Testing
CT State Championships
Seasonal Holiday Parties
Taste of Danbury Festival
Sandy Hook Wine Tasting
Blackout Gymnastics Party
Newtown Labor Day Parade
Halloween Haunted House

We are constantly planning new and exciting events – parties, fundraisers, and even competitions. Stay tuned to see what’s next!

I want to have my event at Gym Rev!

State Champions

NCAA College Gymnasts

National Champions

Ranking among CT Gyms

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Gymnastics Revolution

Youth gymnastics - ages 2 to 18 - and the highest level competitive program in the area!
Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution
Ninja Charlie is joining our Distance Learning crew this morning... what a trooper! Distant Learning may not be the best, but Charlie is making the best of it! Plus, he's working on the yellow Ninja Warped Wall during his breaks! #danburyct #ninja #remotelearning #gymrev #kindergarten
Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution
Here's a fun #failfriday riday from Chloe - and she may or may not have asked for this to be deleted...
Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution
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