Gymnastics is…. Life!


Your daughter is already learning fundamental gymnastics skills — but this sport is so much more than handstands and cartwheels.

Gymnastics is discipline, practice, self esteem, coordination, flexibility, teamwork, determination, pride, and fun…. And the best way to experience it all is to join us in COMPETITIONS!

She’s already taking a Skills Class – learning those fundamental elements. So the next step is to sign her up for a COMPETITIONS CLASS – where she will learn to put those skills into routines, and how to perform those routines.

 Those two classes come together to properly prepare the gymnast for competition – a fun, intense, challenging, rewarding experience that is now available to all gymnasts! Competitions begin in November, and extend through the school year, and even into summer. Some competitions are held here, at home, but others will take place in other Connecticut gymnastics centers! All gymnasts ages 5 and up are now eligible to join us in these events!

When Gymnastics Revolution was opened in 2001, we knew something special had been created. Today, we are more proud than ever before of this facility, this staff, and this program. We truly believe that no child should be without gymnastics. It may be the hardest sport in the world, but gymnastics is the most rewarding sport as well. We can’t wait to see how far each and every one of our gymnasts will go! 

When you’re ready to join our Competitions Teams, and start to experience everything this sport has to offer, we’re ready for you! Jump onto the Parent Portal, and let’s get your daughter signed up for Competitions Class!


Join us now in a Competition Class – and see what this sport is really all about!


Need more info?  You can always text us at 203 778 3547!

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