Online Training has arrived!  Let’s get the kids moving!  In the fourth week of March, you will receive an email granting access to our Online Virtual Training Platform.  

April 1st is coming, and we are depending on your continued support.  Obviously, the programs we offer have been changed dramatically – so it’s only fair that we work with each family. Our overhead has been lowered by almost 50% during this time – meaning to keep the facility prepared for everyone’s return, we will only be charging 50% tuition.  If your family income has been impacted dramatically (like ours!), please contact us.  We will work with you to find a solution that keeps your full access to the Online Virtual Training Platform, works within your new budget, and has you ready when we resume normal classes.

We would also like to thank those generous families that have reached out and offered to pay full tuition — that kind of support means the world to small businesses, to the community’s financial well being, and to the kids who will be back in the gym soon!

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