Gymnastics is…. Life!


Your daughter is already learning fundamental gymnastics skills — but this sport is so much more than handstands and cartwheels.

Gymnastics is discipline, practice, self esteem, coordination, flexibility, teamwork, determination, pride, and fun…. And the best way to experience it all is to join us in COMPETITIONS!

As a member of the Connecticut Gymnastics Association (CTGA), Gymnastics Revolution’s students are invited to compete in fun, challenging gymnastics competitions held several times throughout the year. Some of these events are “home” meets, and some are held in other CTGA facilities around the state. Below is the schedule for this year:

Oct 29   —   Monster Mash at Gymnastics Revolution

Nov 11-12   —   Autumn Expo at Next Dimension Gymnastics

Dec 16   —   Reindeer Games at Gymnastics Revolution

March Event – TBD

May 5-6   —   Swing into Spring at Next Dimension Gymnastics

June 15-16   —   CTGA Championships at Next Dimension


Join us now in Competitions – and see what this sport is really all about!


Need more info?  You can always text us at 203 778 3547!

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