Gymnastics Revolution continues to move forward with reopening, within the safety regulations and guidelines of both The State of Connecticut and the CDC. Following our outdoor classes (Stage One), we moved our programming back indoors. (Stage Two) On September 8, we begin Stage Three of our reopening.

When you are ready, we are ready for you!

Relevant Information for our gymnasts and ninjas

AddiWhat we’ve learned from the Pandemic:

  1. Our time is limited.
  2. Relationships with family, friends, mentors, students, teammates and coworkers are fragile
  3. Family comes first.
  4. You must enjoy the journey.
  5. You must work relentlessly toward goals
  6. The world is ever-changing. We must change with it.
  7. Let go of the things that are no good for you.
  8. Hold tightly the things that are.

Over the past 90 days, many things have become evident. As coaches, we know to find the good in every situation, and to learn from every experience. We teach it every day. The Pandemic has driven home some of these values, in a very real, very deep way, and we have determined to move forward with those lessons in mind.

“Get back to what we used to do” is not an option. That would mean ignoring the silver linings the Pandemic delivered to us. Instead, we vow to “get better at what we used to do.” We vow to evolve. Find new ways. Embrace the things we learn. To be fluid.

There are those who want to simply erase the past months, and return to normal. There are those who look for a “new normal.” We find ourselves in a place where we must take the lessons we have been given, and apply them. We move forward. We forge ahead. We make the best decisions we can, always with the best of intentions, and we vow to continue teaching these same lessons. A cartwheel. A global lockdown. A flip. An economic meltdown. The children we work with every day recognize that each of these items are simply something to work through, to push through, to gather experience, and to overcome. We are reopening Gymnastics Revolution because this is what we do.

Competitive Teams: gone are the days of standing around, waiting for a turn. Gone are the days of large groups using the same equipment. We said it before: time is limited. Welcome to the new days – days where we must work relentlessly, tirelessly, and efficiently. Welcome to fast paced, intense workouts, where we get into the gym, get our work done, and get out – in reasonably sized groups, with teammates who have the same goals.

Recreational Gymnasts: welcome to the newest version of Gymnastics Revolution! With no time to spare, and lots of fun to be had, we will be learning at a fast pace – safely developing our skills to move ahead in our sport!

Ninjas: your time has come too! We get to spread our wings and fly a bit! With some new curriculum, new skills, and a whole lot more flipping, the time to ninja is now!

What happens next?

While we cannot both be open to the public and also prevent 100% of all germs from spreading, we are proud and confident in the policies and procedures we have put in place that meet or exceed all government recommendations and CDC guidelines. For these precautions to be as effective as possible, the support and participation of the entire Gymnastics Revolution community are required.

We are so excited to be unshuttering. We will achieve this with careful, methodical planning. Gymnastics Revolution has taken a stance that we describe as “aggressively conservative.”

During our Third Stage of reopening, we will be monitoring the health of our staff and students by taking temperatures. Additionally, parents should take the temperature of their student before coming to class. Any person with a temperature over 100.4 will be sent home immediately. Our equipment will be sanitized regularly, and students will use hand sanitizer between each event. Additionally, we require students to arrive dressed for their class, with water bottles from home, and ready for action. The use of our indoor facilities will be by emergency only. Use the bathroom at home! Family members are asked to stay home, we are requesting only ONE spectator per student, the spectator must wear a mask.  Coaches will wear masks and maintain appropriate social distancing. Students will not be required to wear masks.


Facility upgrades at Gymnastics Revolution

Touchless light switches in all bathrooms

Daily temperature checks for staff

Temperature checks for students

Hand sanitizer available throughout facility

Increased online payment processing

virtual training and development

massive deep-cleaning and sanitization

online / app viewing of classes

partnership with professional cleaning product supplier

Procedural changes at Gymnastics Revolution

Student Temperature policy

Staff Temperature policy

class sizes and ratios reduced

cleaning policies updated

preschool age classes still suspended

social distancing standards enacted

traffic flow upgrades

students social distanced – 6ft

coaches social distanced – 12ft when possible

coaches wear masks

credits for missed March classes applied to Stage 3 (indoor stage)

secure smartphone viewing of classes

limit one masked spectator per student

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