What I want to create is a proper calendar that encompasses everything going on in the gym.

Who (of our Department Leaders) uses Google Calendar?  Is it easy for you?

I’m thinking that if each D.L. creates a google calendar and shares it with me, then I can put all of those calendars together for a full calendar.  That would become the calendar on the website as well.  Then, each D.L. could use the full calendar when planning events and looking ahead at things going on in the gym.

This would have:

J.O. Meets, J.O. Events, and any “deadlines” for J.O. parents.  It would also have changes to J.O. schedule (like, Next Friday night, workouts cancelled because of holiday, or whatever.)

Xcel Gold/Silver Events, meets, schedule changes, deadlines, etc.

Preschool events, special classes, etc.

Rec events, special classes, etc.

Ninja Revolution special events, changes, etc

Gym wide scheduling stuff, changes, closings, etc.

This calendar would be visible to anyone on the internet, so it should not include sensitive information or other things that parents would not need.

What do you guys think?  I’m thinking we can have this put together and “live” by next week?

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