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Floor/Tumbling Skills

Recommended:  a minimum of 8 feet x 8 feet of padded, safe space. This is the easiest event to practice at home!

Balance Beam Skills

Mark a long line on your surface.  A true balance beam is 15 cm wide (4 inches).  When working on the floor beam, you don’t need to worry about falling!

Bars Skills

Safety first… find a bar, a tree branch, a swing set – whatever you can – and start working on your bars skills and positions!



A vital part of any workout – as the saying goes, “if you don’t get stronger, you can’t get better!”


Prevent injuries, learn skills more easily, and generally feel better… Be sure to stretch before and after your workout!


Sometimes, you just need more info!  Check out these detailed tutorials to learn more!

Practicing at home is great, as long as it’s safe.  But NOTHING can replace a qualified coach in a quality facility!

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Thank you for visiting our Online Virtual Library of gymnastics skills! Gymnastics is among the most complicated sports in the world, requiring proper progressions, strength, flexibility, and practice. Feel free to use the skills in this library to help in your understanding of our sport!

Just as practice is an important component of any endeavor, safety too plays a role. Be sure that you have adequate space, experience, matting, familiarity, and permission before practicing any skills at home.

There is no substitute for a professional coach, nor is there a substitute for a quality facility. These skills are simply representations of possible progressions and skills that you should consider as an additional component to your training.

By using the following videos, the participant acknowledges that they are in good health, and are qualified to participate. Participant also acknowledges the risk of bodily injury and agrees to forever release any coaches, gymnastics facilities, programs, professionals, or other agents from any liability, claims, losses, or demands resulting from the use of these videos.