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Gymnastics Revolution

Youth gymnastics - ages 2 to 18 - and the highest level competitive program in the area!
Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution
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Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution is feeling excited at Gymnastics Revolution.
Gymnastics Revolution
Happy Saturday! There will be no open gym today, the preschool show is this afternoon! Have a great weekend 🤸🏻‍♀️☀️
Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution
Congratulations, Coach KATIE! Bethel High Class of 2019! (Maybe not the greatest picture, but it's a great accomplishment!) #bethelct #alumni #graduation
Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution
Today, our competitive team was able to volunteer a few hours and present a donation the Special Olympic CT. We are proud of our gymnasts, but we are humbled by the Special Olympians who are killing it today! #specialolympics #giveback #citizens #specialolympicsct #gymrev #danburyct #dotherightthing
Gymnastics Revolution
Gymnastics Revolution

Thought of the day: Learning to make mistakes helps children avoid anxiety, frustration, helpless feelings, and meltdowns.

Better yet - learning to fail builds confidence, esteem, and resilience.

And yes, gymnastics provides plenty of opportunity for this type of learning - in a positive environment, of course.

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