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Our Philosophy

Step One:  Love it.       Kids are naturally inclined to enjoy physical activity. We believe that every child who walks through our doors will love gymnastics, and we will do everything in our power to foster that love.  We believe that your child will love the coaches, the facility, and the sport at Gymnastics Revolution!

Step Two:  Learn it.     We teach gymnastics.  Lots of it.  Even to our youngest participants, this is NOT a play-time activity.  It is a sport where our students are constantly learning the skills today that become more complex skills tomorrow.  We coach with the proper development and techniques in mind, so that every student in our program can run with their sport for as long as they have the desire!

Step Three:  Live it.       Everything our students learn, they carry with them through their lives.  We feel that the lessons we are putting forth build strong character, strong minds, and strong bodies.  It's not about learning a perfect cartwheel - it's about learning to coached, to keep working hard, to set great goals, and to never give up.  The gymnastics success are really a bi-product of our core success:  Leading our students to better lives!

14 Starr Rd.        Danbury, CT       203.778.3547

Our staff is made up of some of the most dedicated, caring, and professional coaches you will find anywhere.  Each coach brings his or her own unique experience, approach, and vision to Gymnastics Revolution, resulting in an amazing environment for gymnasts at any level.  All coaches at Gymnastics Revolution have undergone background screening, Professional development courses, and safety certification through USA Gymnastics.
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